Monday, August 1, 2011

Scorpion EXO-700: Part 2

When my new helmet arrived, I said I would be posting a review of the -700. Well, I've finally had the chance to ride around in it. Aaand, you guessed it, here is my review.

My earlier assessment that the vents are easier to use was spot on. They are easy to find with a gloved hand when you forget to open them before the ride. Just as easy to operate with said gloved hand. And, finally, they all slide in the same direction to open, so no more trying to remember which vent does what with which motion. They also seem to be rather effective. When I opened the vents during my ride, I felt a noticeable breeze on my head.

Next, I think that breaking it in some has helped. I didn't notice the hot-spots I had felt when I initially tried the helmet on. Needless to say, this is a good thing.

Finally, it was loud. This is probably a combination of various factors. First and foremost, I wasn't wearing my usual earplugs, so that might account for the entire difference. Second, I was riding the Blast, which is a loud bike on the best of days and the windshield on it increases buffeting around my head. As Amanda said when I commented on the noise, "It makes its presence known." And finally, the vent holes are a different shape than those on the -400. The rounded holes on this one might act more like a flute mouthpiece than the rectangular ones on the -400 did.

All in all, I still like Scorpion's helmets and I'm still happy with the decision to buy another one.

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