Friday, February 18, 2011

Scorpion EXO-700

So, as I said earlier, I have a new helmet. Yes, that is present tense; as in, it has arrived. This makes me happy.

The new helmet is a Scorpion EXO-700. The big brother, as it were, to the last two helmets I've used (EXO-400). Two things I noticed right out of the box. First, the vents are much easier to figure out than the ones on the -400 series.

As you can see, the vents are intuitive. They slide straight back to open and are well sized to easily operate while wearing gloves. From the looks of them, they will also let a fair amount of air through when I need them to. This assessment is not only from my impression, but also from my wife's experience with her -700.

The second thing I noticed about the helmet, as compared to the -400 series, is that the shell size and shape is slightly different. This means that a large in the -400s fits a little differently than a large in the -700s. The -700 is a tad bit wider in the cheeks and just a little shorter in the front to back distance. This will break in some, but it may also mean that this version won't be as comfortable for long hauls as my last helmet. Time will tell.

All in all, I'm still pleased with my choice, despite the difference in fit. I sometimes feel like a Scorpion salesman, what with the number of their products we own. But, it speaks well for the quality that we keep coming back to them. The only one of their products we weren't happy with were the gloves. Joe Rocket just makes ones both my wife and I find more comfortable. I hope to never test the integrity of this helmet the way I did the last one, but I'm happy to keep supporting the company.

One final shot, of the helmet's graphics, and I'll sign off.

P.S. I'm still working on the history of helmet technology, so stay tuned.

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