Monday, September 16, 2013

It's alive!

Well, the blog is still alive. Still sans wheels though. That part is a work in progress.

Speaking of progress, I was in the area of one of Roanoke's larger motorcycle shops today. I figured I could drop in, just to drool copiously over carefully examine the inventory. The place is a dealer for the Big Four, plus KTM. So, I was hoping to butt-test a KLR (to compare with BMW's F800GS later), a Ninja 300, perhaps the FZ6R, and--if I was very lucky-- the Duke. When I pulled in, they had a ZRX1200 and a V-Strom 650 in the line-up of used bikes out front. This looks promising. Inside, it is your standard fair for a Big Four dealer. Sport bikes segregated from cruisers, all separate from dirt bikes and ATVs on the other side of the shop, with gear and accessories in back.

Looking around, I was not surprised to only find KTM off roaders. But... no KLR. Ok. Umm, nor Ninja 300. Damn. One FZ6R. Alrighty... wait... what's this? A Honda middleweight sportbike? I'm intrigued. I threw a leg over the CBR500R. Ergonomically, very similar to the old Ninja 250 or Suzuki's GS500F. It seems to be a pretty comfortable bike. Coming in about $1600 less than the Ninja 650 it was sitting next to, it looks like a pretty good deal, too.

But the 650 has a little more grunt, an adjustable windscreen, slightly more room, and better (to me) ergonomics... And that brand new 636 down the line....

Too many bikes, too little money.